Lynx predictions…


Making predictions may be a fool’s game, but that never stopped anybody, least of all me. So, for what it’s worth, here are my favourites – and tipped gold winners * – following the release of the print, outdoor, direct & sales promotion, and media shortlists.

TBWA\Raad’s ‘Brawl’ for client Pattex Wood Glue. All three executions, including a shootout with US cops, are superbly art directed and I’ll eat my hat if it doesn’t pick up gold **. FP7 Doha’s ‘Students’ for Samsung made me laugh, so deserves gold just for that. Tonic’s Burger King work is also humorous, although quite how Friday the 13th’s Jason can eat a Whopper with that ski mask on is a question worth asking.


In the direct & sales promotion category, TBWA\Raad Saudi Arabia’s miniature magazines for rats had me in stitches – Rat’s Health and Hole Décor anyone? – and, as such, may well see Saudi Arabia win its first big gong at the Lynx. In the outdoor category, JWT Dubai’s Everlast actually looks like an outdoor execution, as does FP7 Doha’s ‘Colours’ for Perfetti Van Melle, so top marks for that. Meanwhile, in the media category Leo Burnett Beirut’s ‘Khede Khasra’ deserves nothing less than the grand prix.

* I have been known to be spectacularly wrong
** It’s a chocolate hat


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