Oh, and JWT’s Ramsey Naja’s predictions too…

ramseynaja1Here are my predictions for Dubai Lynx: empty poster sites in Dubai airport will be hastily filled to give an impression that all’s well around here; two agencies will kick-start the annual rant over ghost entries; that number will multiply as others realise that their own ghost entries didn’t make it past the first hurdle; many people will be congratulated for their winning ads by their competitors; same competitors will meanwhile lodge complaints against the same winning ads, but under the cover of anon; and the usual angst over whether awards are a good or bad thing will make its way to centre stage, pushed along by those who didn’t realise that however much you spend on entries, nothing beats a good idea. Oh, and FP7 Doha will be agency of the year.

Ramsey Naja is chief creative officer, JWT MENA – see Ramsey’s full opinion in the latest issue of Campaign


2 Responses to Oh, and JWT’s Ramsey Naja’s predictions too…

  1. anubis says:

    accurate prediction

  2. […] serious soul searching is required So Ramsey Naja was right. The aftermath of the Dubai Lynx has descended into a war of words, with fingers being pointed all […]

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