Lynx predictions – ‘Khede Kasra’ to win the day

pertThe TV and integrated shortlists are out and it’s easy to see where international judge Steffan Postaer was coming from when he let rip at the quality of the TV work earlier this week. However, while this may not be a vintage year for TV, there is the odd little nugget of gold if you dig deep enough.

Eliot over at AdNation tells us he’s got the winners list in his hands, but we’re going with our gut. So, here are our favourites for gold in the TV: FP7 Dubai’s ‘Bird’, ‘Cake’ and ‘Dog’ for Sony; Leo Burnett Beirut’s ‘Stop the suffering’ for P&G; TBWA\Raad’s ‘Long-time-no-see Saudi kiss’ for MTV Arabia; and Lowe’s ‘Staying alive’ for MTV.

In the integrated, Leo Burnett Beirut’s ‘Khede Kasra’ for The Hariri Foundation, and Memac Ogilvy’s ‘Fight breast cancer’ are our top tips. But ‘Khede Kasra’ to steal the glory.


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