Steffan Postaer explains his Dubai Lynx outburst

steffanThe judging of the Dubai Lynx’s TV and cinema category got off to a controversial start on Sunday thanks to comments from international judge Steffan Postaer (see post below).

In a blog first leaked by mUmBRELLA, the  chairman and chief creative officer of Euro RSCG Chicago described the region’s TV entries as “primitive”.

Here he explains himself exclusively to Campaign:

“The festival was cross with me for being so harsh and I didn’t want to make enemies in this part of the world so I told them to go ahead and cut it [his blog posting] down if it makes them happy. And they did and that’s fine and in the end we will be awarding television campaigns so all is not lost, it’s not that big a drama.

“In the end when you look at it from different perspectives the second and third time, there was quite a bit of work that had merit. I, and the rest of the judges, on first pass were pretty despondent about the whole lot of it actually. I rushed to my computer to file this blog and I shouldn’t have done that. If I’d just waited a day to discuss it, some things would have risen further up than they did.

“I think you’re moving towards international standards but international standards might have made for a much harsher awards show. We were reminded with all due respect that this was a regional show and not an international show from around the world, it’s from the region. While we’re judges from Europe, Asia and the States we shouldn’t be looking at the work purely from our own feet, so it’s a little bit of a grey area.

“The good news is I saw a lot of very excellent work in print and outdoor, as good as anywhere. There’s really some beautiful pieces from a bunch of places, from a number of clients in posters and in press. It was the radio and television that I found lacking.”

The TV/cinema shortlist is announced today.

4 Responses to Steffan Postaer explains his Dubai Lynx outburst

  1. […] Outspoken international judges and a dodgy speech by Bob Isherwood, the former worldwide creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi, certainly spiced up the three-day jamboree, but when the dust has settled questions are sure to be asked. It certainly wasn’t a vintage year by any stretch of the imagination, with only Leo Burnett Beirut’s ‘Khede Kasra’ standing out as a truly world-class campaign. Indeed, as jury president Tham Khai Meng, worldwide creative director of Ogilvy & Mather, said, if it weren’t for the fact that the campaign was for a charity, it would have won two grand prixs. […]

  2. anubis says:

    How can we improve if we keep getting pampered and judged according to a leaner set of rules.

    it is safe to say that most of what has won this year is “the best of the worst”.

    NB. Take it easy on this football player; please let him score; he is from the 3rd world and you cant expect him to score on his own 🙂

  3. […] RSCG’s Steffan Postaer must be sitting comfortably back in his office in Chicago wondering what the hell’s going on. […]

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