All over bar the shouting

khedeThe judges are on their way home, the winners are nursing hangovers, and it’s as you were for the region’s advertising community, but was the Dubai Lynx a success?

Outspoken international judges and a dodgy speech by Bob Isherwood, the former worldwide creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi, certainly spiced up the three-day jamboree, but when the dust has settled questions are sure to be asked. It certainly wasn’t a vintage year by any stretch of the imagination, with only Leo Burnett Beirut’s ‘Khede Kasra’ (pictured) standing out as a truly world-class campaign. Indeed, as jury president Tham Khai Meng, worldwide creative director of Ogilvy & Mather, said, if it weren’t for the fact that the campaign was for a charity, it would have won two grand prixs.

FP7 Doha are to be congratulated for their consistency and for their dogged commitment to pushing the region’s creativity onwards, but Fadi Yaish, the agency’s creative director, was the first to admit that the region hadn’t taken a step forward at this year’s Lynx.

It was also disappointing to see some agencies walk out en masse during the Lynx ceremony when they realised things weren’t going their way, revealing yet again that the industry is more divided than united.


14 Responses to All over bar the shouting

  1. Trinny says:

    It’s hard to know which stories about the awards ceremony to believe if one wasn’t there. So I’d like to see a poll: who consumed the most beverages last night? Was it a. themightyrouge, b. nickcampaignme, or c. mickycampaignme?

  2. Ajit says:

    The shouting’s just about to start…

  3. Neil says:

    Conclusions Ajit, are a very dangerous thing to jump to.

    We worked together with Jason Freeny from Moist Productions on this campaign.
    If you check the credits you will see him down as the Art Director and Moist as Illustrator.

    Being a parent himself he is very excited about the work and a proud winner.

    Feel free to check it out below.

    Thanks for the support though, much appreciated.

  4. Perturbia says:

    I completely agree with Neil. Jason Freeney has been credited as Art Director, and that does make it legit. But then, Neil, with the same logic, shouldn’t somebody from DDB, Uruguay be credited as Copywriter/Art Director/Illustrator/Ideator or something for the following piece?

    By the way, I love your work.

  5. Neil says:

    Hi there and thanks. As for the Kwik campaign, I know for sure that Vincent searched everywhere for similar ads. Unfortunately, as I don’t think the previous campaign had won anything major it was almost impossible to trace. I think we need to take a step back as creatives and realise that for every great idea we have, there’s an equally great chance it may have been done before. I would never condone copy ads but hey, life happens. You know the feeling when you’ve cracked something great, you show it to someone and your colleague has seen it before, so you go back to your desk and chuck the idea in the bin? Well, that’s a lot better than feeling accused I suspect.

  6. realdeal says:

    What exactly do you mean by working together, Neil? All you guys did was buy the posters Jason had already done, slap your brand logo, and accept the applause. And of course, have the jury “in awe of the art direction”.

    So what’s next? Art by Picasso. Copy by Shakespeare?

    (I don’t know whether they were parents or not!)

  7. Neil says:

    Working with someone means just that. We mailed each other discussed how to position lines, info, logos etc. Why shouldn’t the jury love the art direction, Jason’s the art director after all. He gets the credit for the look. When DDB approached Charles stone to use his short film ‘True’ for the Wazzup commercial, I supposed you called him out too? Didn’t think so. Get over yourself. Have a nice day.

  8. realdeal says:

    Hey, that’s a cool approach, neil.

    Looking for ideas that haven’t won any major awards, put a lot of money in executing them better, and win!

    Don’t know if Vincent looked at cannes lions archive specifically for that one, but it was there for him to see. I am not saying that you guys did it deliberately, but ad guys are not naive either.(Strange that no one in the jury picked it up either!)

    This is not addressed at you Neil, (unfortunately you are a part of the system) but what goes on in the name of pushing the boundaries of advertising, or “agency showing off” according to a certain industry veteran, is what is bothering some of us in the industry.

    If creatives and agencies spend half the time and effort they are currently putting in at the end of the year for scam ads on real briefs, their everyday work will be so much better and exciting. This is an escape route, and that is the whole issue/debate.

    Come on guys, let’s build brands -like VW, Nike, Stella…. and that’d take every bit of creative juice out there, and that’s the challenge.

    There is no point looking good in front of our own friends by doing these kind of stuff.

    Let’s get real.

  9. Neil says:

    Point taken. I personally had a finalist with a brand we deal with on an everyday basis, where most of the world is not creative, and there’s a lot of it. So when the McDonald’s print campaign didn’t convert I was sad, because there’s a brand we’re trying on, a brand we work on every day. I recognise and accept the challenge, believe me. Anyway, yesterday was the first day of the new Lynx year, good luck everyone and enjoy the year. Cheers.

  10. anubis says:

    I for one would like to see what the organizers of the Dubai Lynx are actually going to do about this.

    related links:


  11. bobo says:

    I think Brainobrain Jumeira is great advertising piece and deserves more than just GP at Dubai Lynx.

    And I want to just imagine how this great piece was created so I took liberty to construct my perfect scenario.

    So you guys got a brief for Brainobrain Jumeira child development program? Eurorscg already did one scam campaign, so they were not happy and they wanted another one! So now you have serious task to do, we all know how big is Brainobrain Jumeira, and then you hired the freelance art director to help you crack difficult project. He did some sketches, sent you via email? Or you flew him here for couple of weeks while project was going on? I will take liberty to say that you guys would be economical and said look Jason, stay at home, you have a small baby, so let’s not complicate things, send us sketches via email. First sketches arrived and creative director and copywriter had some input and comments how this can be better, that gummy camel is not working and it should be gummy bear instead… After so many phone calls, skype video conferences, sleepless nights came the final day of presentation. I am sure MD & CEO with bunch of Creative directors of FP7 went to sell this important campaign. Don’t forget research, I am sure planing department was also involved. After long meeting client said good work, approved, run it as it is, no wait make my logo smaller, that’s all. Massive media plan was developed so everyone can see this great piece of creativity. And someone from creative said you know, we should make posters, they are so simple… So they made posters!!! Campaign was huge success. I heard Brainobrain Jumeira is planing to expand to Arabian ranches and who knows where else…

    And this great piece of advertising history was awarded at Dubai Lynx. Art director is so happy that the piece is traveling to Cannes. He was so happy that he wrote small press release for all of you people that don’t believe.

    Shame on you! All of you.

  12. baba bobo says:

    bobo, you sound so jaded by this industry. your wordy comment sounds like someone who’s really thinking “Damn, I wish it was me. I could’ve been walking up that stage. Its just Not Fair! Why doesn’t anyone love ME!!!”

  13. bobo says:

    You see my dear baba bobo you couldn’t think of your own name, so you added your name on my name.

    It is really funny!

    In my post I didn’t wrote anything that could possibly offend you?

    If I did I truly apologize. I couldn’t possibly think that great mind like yours could read comment and be kind enough to reply.

    Let’s put all the funny words behind and say – We have seen the work of artist online, recognized potential and we asked him to sell us art / illustrations so we can put logo and run it for awards.

    We are all in this region,
    we all know how things are done!

    That’s all.

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