Why can’t adland play nicely?

As the bluster of last week’s Dubai Lynx dies down (or heats up depending on your opinion) one lasting impression from the night itself was of certain attendees choosing to leave the event rather than cheer on their peers/rivals. Of course no one likes to lose, and one of the inevitable aspects of awards is that work that didn’t get recognised took as much time, effort and determination as work that did. But that, as they say, is just the way the cookie crumbles.

Even taking into account the natural competitiveness that such occasions throw up, was it too much to expect that on one of the few nights the region’s industry gets together to celebrate as one, people might have been able to grin and bear it?

The nature of the Lynx awards ceremony itself might be partly to blame. At other awards nights elsewhere in the world, after the prize giving is over the party kicks in until the wee hours with agencies, win or lose, thrown together on a dancefloor at the actual awards’ venue. So what can we do to remedy the situation? Will an awards night that goes on to gather everyone together afterwards be the solution, or would that just end in more tears before bedtime?


3 Responses to Why can’t adland play nicely?

  1. Sarah says:

    There will always be rivalry but leaving early is just plain rude! In economical times like these agencies should be supporting each other and trying to build and improve on the regions advertising industry, to grow it and benefit from eachother, not bicker and squabble between themselves. Winners or losers, they are all on the same team.

  2. anubis says:

    the ad industry can play nicely if they wanted to but they do not want to. the fact that there was a debate during the Dubai Lynx “Us Vs. Them” or home grown Vs. imported (or something like that) clearly sheds light on the division within the industry. I for one welcome the idea of all agencies (big or small winning or otherwise) celebrating together after the awards ceremony.

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