Dubai Lynx launches investigation into FP7 Doha’s winning work

samsungThe organisers of the Dubai Lynx have launched an official investigation into a string of winning work by FP7 Doha.

The investigation follows the publication of a damning entry on bloganubis, in which the legitimacy of FP7 Doha’s work for clients Higeen Mouthwash, Samsung and Nissan was questioned.

Steve Lane, festival director of the Dubai Lynx, confirmed that complaints had been received from numerous agencies as a result of the blog, as well as from clients.

“There are two or three prongs to the investigation,” said Lane. “With Samsung – specifically the camera campaign – the washing machine and the printers. We’re trying to get to the bottom of whether the camera stuff actually ran and was actually approved.” He added: “I am in contact with Samsung and we are having an ongoing discussion with them, trying to get to the bottom of who exactly said yes to this stuff.”

Lane said official complaints had been received about the agency’s Higeeen mouthwash work. He also confirmed that a campaign for Nissan had been withdrawn from the Lynx shortlist prior to the awards ceremony following complaints from Nissan that the ads were nothing to do with them. Shortlisted work for Matchbox had also been removed.

FP7 Doha was named advertising agency of the year at the Dubai Lynx awards ceremony on 17 March, but is now in danger of being stripped of its title if the investigation goes against them.

The original bloganubis posting was the work of an agency insider going by the alias of ‘John Doh’. He had originally sent his letter to a number of different media, including Campaign.

According to Lane, the Samsung work is being looked into the most seriously.

“If we withdraw any of the stuff that’s actually been awarded, we will recalculate agency of the year,” said Lane. “They [FP7 Doha] may be so far ahead they’ll retain it, but we will see.”


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  1. anubis says:

    It is NOT only one agency (FP7) that is accused of wrong doing; there is a big list of agencies which will be posted soon on with copy-cat, spoof/ghost ads; some of those ads have been awarded others have made it to the shortlist but the disturbing fact is the growing number of such entries in a regional award show.
    Such practices by “International Agencies” only damage the credibility of a much needed award show. I suggest harsh reprimand against the agencies responsible for these entries (regardless if they were awarded, shortlisted or simply entered into the competition) in order to insure that this years’ disappointment does not become next years’ disaster.

  2. MO says:

    I really hope justice will prevail and etiquette will take precedence. Well, entering unreleased work is one thing, but ripping off award-winning international campaigns (Aramex/Gummy Bears) and entering it into a regional awards show is a whole new perspective on plagiarism. That’s unforgivable. I don’t care if FP7 is far ahead, they should be stripped off their awards. If not, the credibility of the Lynx will be tarnished, just like what happened to the IAA Awards in the previous years.

  3. Trinny says:

    I agree with MO that FP7 should be stripped of their awards, no matter if they are far ahead.

    And what about a ban on entering the awards next year for all agencies who are found to have entered copycat/ghost ads this year?

  4. ME creative says:

    Can someone go the website of the man who has started all this…this is his agency and this is his work…look at the work and u will know what advertising standard he is talking abt..its easy not to do good work yourself and accuse others…who know how to do much better than u…
    im not from fp7 but kudos to them for breaking new ground …
    well well….the messiah of advertising awards shows shud first learn a thing or two abt good advertising before bringing down others…
    take a look at this link and judge for yourselves…

  5. John Doh says:

    The Beginning of the End

    Last night outside Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

    Knock! Knock!
    -Who’s there?
    – Samsung who?
    That’s it. You’re busted! This is the Dubai Lynx squad. Put your flag in the air and stare at the writing on the wall. The party’s over, guys. You can fool the judges, you can fool the organizers, but you can’t fool the people of adland.

    And so it begins. The untouchable, unstoppable, unbeatable FP7 Doha are being investigated for indulging themselves in fake glory. I don’t know how this will end, but I’m sure it won’t be pretty. Because even if the Dubai Lynx organizers find them guilty of maligning the reputation of a honourable Korean company like Samsung, just to win some silly advertising awards, they could STILL be Agency of the Year. And that’s what really matters.

    They’re so far ahead, we can only see them as specs on the horizon, it seems. How proud they must feel, when they display that trophy in their reception right now. The sense of pride of having accomplished something so honourable must be truly satisfying. Cheers FP7. You rock! You really showed us all how it’s done. We camel-herders were lost until you came along. But we must admit, we can’t compete with you. What you have done, is something far beyond the imagination of our sunburnt minds. Please, let us not stop you as you thunder ahead to One Show and Cannes, bringing more unprecedented glory for the whole region.

    Sir Steve is now leading the Lynx Inquisition and with bated breath, we wait to know the fate of the following 17 metals in question.

    3 Golds – Samsung printer

    3 Golds – Samsung washing machine
    2 Silvers – Samsung camera
    3 Silvers – Samsung printers
    3 Silvers – Higeen mouthwash

    3 Silvers Higeen mouthwash

    This isn’t the best week for FP7 and things just got worse. Their client, Samsung, is in deep trouble in Lebanon. It seems the 2 ads for Samsung camera, Jesus and Teacher, are now raising hell. Check out the story that made breaking news on OTV.

    But what most intrigued me is this:

    “The Catholic media center denounced two advertisements published in the al-Mustakbal newspaper on Monday, saying they were offensive to Christian beliefs.”

    The puzzling thing is, these 2 ads were released in the same paper on MONDAY, a whole week after the Dubai Lynx festival started. Why? Was it something Steve said? Or are they trying to secure their Cannes entries?

    I’ve done my bit of scum-searching. So now I invite my fellow adlanders to share their views on this subject. Don’t just sit there and watch. Let the world know what you think. Surely you have a spine that still works.

    What has really surprised me is that the normally outspoken Arabs are keeping quiet on this matter.
    Shu yaani, habibi? What are you afraid of?

    John Doh

    PS: “Where is the fat lady, and will she sing at all?”
    I believe that’s your song playing.

  6. Jonas says:

    @ ME creative… you say “kudo’s to FP7 for breaking new ground”?? What planet are you on? One of the main issues going on here is blatant plagiarism. Also, whether you (or anyone else) like or don’t like Paragon’s work is totally irrelevant. You’re simply trying to deflect the heat from the real issue – what happened at the Lynx awards. It doesn’t matter whether the criticism comes from a Cannes winning agency or not. People have been busted and answers are needed.

  7. Sarah says:

    I can understand the desire to win awards but if they are won in this way it bears no relevance to the quality or skill of the company in my view, and doesn’t prove anything. It just makes a mockery of the awards in their entirety in my view.

    I agree with Trinny “And what about a ban on entering the awards next year for all agencies who are found to have entered copycat/ghost ads this year?”…

  8. John Doh says:

    The Thrashington Posts

    I know 12 pages of posts are hard to go through when you’re busy confirming friends on Facebook. So I’ve summed up some unedited gems for the art directors out there.

    al news papers refused but al mostaqbal published it knowing that her christian allies are so low that they will not even say a word but they will defend their master saadouldine and his blue paper with laxative effects

    i am interested in knowing how the Batrak will twist this story to blame it on FPM…
    for example:
    -it was an FPMer who sold the add to Hariri newspaper
    -it was an FPMer who invented the Samsung TV and then they ran the add
    -it was an FPMer who discovered how offensive this add is
    -it is an FPMer who placed the add
    -it is an FPMer who took the picture
    -the actor playing Jesus is an FPMer
    -Al mustahbal newspaper was owned for that one day by FPM

    We all should stop using, buying, watching, listening to Samsung products as,
    Samsung Radio Sets, TV sets, CDs, DVDs,,,, etc

    And one question? who paid the news paper (the exclusive distributor) to put the add? and this add, by which media company was it designed???

    Then who paid for it??? LG? just to hurt Samsung’s image?

    ahaha no LG and Samsung are allies so it must be Sony and the Philips guys

    Advertising agencies always receive international copies and refuse to use them locally for different reasons, like indecent photos, highly sexual content…. We are living in Lebanon not in Austria.

    Excuse the naivete, but what is the ad supposed to mean?

    It is an ad for the samsung camera, the meaning probably: it is easy to use and anybody can use it from Jesus to its complete opposite the naked lady 🙂

    if the average person does not understand an ad it means it is creative, it probably won’t hit the audience who it is supposed to hit but it is creative nonetheless.

    No one can ignore that it’s controversial! Whether you like the ad or not, approve of it or not, it is controversial! If someone puts the picture of your late grandpa on an ad without your family’s approval, and publish the ad, how would you feel?

    Responsibility falls equally on the ad sponsor (Samsung), designers, and publisher (Al-Mustaqbal).
    When a building falls killing residents, the sponsor (owner), the designer (engineer and architect), and the Builder (i.e. publisher) are all legally liable and responsible.
    So same thing in this case: all three are responsible (equally).
    Sometimes the sponsor is less responsible because he relied and paid for professionals to design and publish his demand (if he knew how to do it and had the means he wouldn’t have hired them).

    Let’s organize ourselves, who could lead the demo ?
    We need to go in mass, this must never happen again.
    X, could you support in organizing this demo ?

    I have a digital samsung camera, i will throw it today…

    I bet you won’t do it

    Can you throw it in My Place

    break it into pieces before throwing it

    Adlanders could definitely learn a thing or two about speaking up on blogs from our Libnene brethren. Judging by the industry reactions to this story, the damage done to our brains by SALE! and real estate “lifestyle” ads has been quite substantial.

    John Doh

    PS: FP7 Doha wanted to win Agency of the Year at any cost. Boys, get your wallets out, coz the bills have started coming in.

  9. dubailynx rise says:

    Because couple of people and bloggers dragged lynx and the whole region into this. Unlike any other region in the world after any award show. We believe this unbalanced reaction of these few people and lynx towards the blogs could ruin the whole show and any chance this region to rise up again and do great work after all FP7 and other agencies did to lead the way for the first time in the history of this region. And pushing everyone to work harder and do better if they want to catch-up and that was clear in 2009.
    Am one of the many creative in my agency who witnessed how my own agency started digging for FP 7 the next morning of the lynx show. And as if we are in much better place than them if they do the same. It is insane! I have to say it takes lot of courage to speak about this (when you say the truth), but since me, many creatives here and many friends from other agencies feel it all has been going totally out of proportion and it is not only effecting FP7 now but everyone of us at the moment we had to speak out. Our objective is not to defend FP7 as am sure the bloggers who are leading this wave would make it sound like BUT our objective is to really say things the way they are and clear lot of confusion taking place.
    People, media and lynx think everything that has been put on the blogs present the whole region and that we all share the same thought. well this is completely wrong. WE DON’T. and there are lot of facts we cant hide from or pretend we are living in a different world. Our objective is to put things in perspective.
    We have to say this:
    Since it reached this stage of great confusion now and since the big headlines of the bloggers and lynx now is to protect the awards ….etc then we and the whole region ask for the following (it is not a request it is a must):
    1. All the winners work in the lynx this year has to be investigated with the clients, and we would know if this happens or not because we present many agencies and we have work in lynx this year. Some has been investigated but not all and not as crucial as FP7 I have to say! It is small industry after all and everyone knows someone in every agency and we talk.
    Because everyone in this region and on top lynx people knows that all agencies are doing the same thing more or less. And if there is no proactive work with clients and taking risk then this region and other regions also which we know very well would not have not even 10% of what we submit in best cases to enter in the awards and maybe win. And there would be no awards business. Come on! Don’t pretend you don’t know, look in the media and tell us if the great campaigns we see in lynx and cannes are the same we see everyday around the world in the newspaper, magazine and outdoor…etc !!! please don’t tell me that you really think that one of the most awarded campaigns in gun report, Clima bicycle lock is client brief work and ran in media as a real campaign do usually, and that in 2007 a client would spend lot of money to produce and release a campaign for a bicycle lock and do an other campaign the year after! and many many examples, left and right like that, please don’t under estimate our intelligence. We don’t want to go to much in this because it will blow up in everyone’s face.

    2. we know the truth and so does everyone in advertising, what we want after all this been done is lynx to really consider what they say and do before they do it. Because there is no way back after this. And what we want is lynx to protect this and make sure the show continues and great work to continue in this region. Not kill it. It depends how you look at it and how you put it. Every region has it is own case and merits. Don’t tell us the eurobest is like spikes and like lynx. Don’t tell us the work that comes out of Europe or USA and the amount of proactive out of the whole sum is the same from far east or middle east or Africa or Australia…etc
    This region needs time for it to fade out slowly from winning on proactive and maybe scam work to client brief work, that doesn’t mean it is right at all. but we should not slaughter everyone with our ignorance how to deal with it, and because we want to rush things. Brief work will replace ghost work slowly. Lynx or good work is only 3 years old now but we all want to pretend to be some thing we cant now and ask the whole region and the lynx to become something else over a night. It can not happen and things need time like every other region in the world. And people knows this very well. Awards organizers knows this very well. Things need time to blossom we cant push it because it will break. Lynx knows this very well but am afraid they will take big part of breaking their own show and the region if they don’t study this very well before they react. We and the work has to evolve before all the good things take place ,we have to have the foundation which we don’t yet.

    All of you out there who are still in silence and know exactly what’s going on now. Where things are going if you don’t make lynx and the industry hear your voice is not good for everyone and it will break on our heads.
    And this is exactly what these irresponsible blogs are doing and they think it is funny, and serves their own personal agenda PLEASE look at the work of this guy Loaui (from bloganubis ) and tell me what on earth he is talking about, and from which school is this guy and the guy who feeds his blog ‘John Doh’ comes from, and if these guys are qualified to lecture all of us and lynx the lesson they are preaching. God! they should be on top of their career now . look at the bottom pictures that he has for him self and read the comments and you would know the kind of mentality they have. Please read the comments and the views they had been uploading everyday on the work and how he and ‘John Doh’ crossed all ethical, private and human lines. It is not just expressing point of view or a case but it went beyond that to more personal level, lying, faking, racism and putting words in peoples mouth. In the name of the freedom and self expression and blogs..etc.
    well you failed your self and abused the media you are using. just check the language and tone of voice they are using this is downgrading for them self first and all the people lynx and media who now are following their trail. And the question is can just anyone do anything to anyone nowadays, just like that!
    If you think that things will be resolved the right way if you don’t speak up you are wrong. It is not any more.
    Like these guys spoke out and made the whole media and lynx move in their direction because no one else is speaking out (and we all know they are only couple of people whom they don’t present all of us or most of us) then now you have to speak out and let them hear your voice to know where you stand so we can balance the story and empower the right things and move things in an other direction and HELP LYNX TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS FOR THIS REGION AND NOT KILL WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR ALL THESE YEARS AND NOW WE GOT THERE THEY WANT TO BURY IT. IT IS AN EVOLUTION NOT A REVOLUTION.

    Whether awards are withdrawn or not. Whether we get out of this right or not. The painful truth that you all are killing every chance to do proactive or award standard work with our clinets. And even if you do I wonder if clients would give you approval to enter the awards. Because we simply scaring them out of this whole concept of awards. And we know how client behave when it all come to the awards.
    So what the hell we are doing to our self.

    Last 2 point:
    1. I don’t think lynx, or any other show has to prove their integrity to anyone even in the middle of all this. We all know as mentioned how things go in award shows and we accept and compete on the same level. I love what greg davis said in cannes 2008 “ award shows are to celebrate creativity”. And if they think they should that means just anyone, anyone can do anything to any award show and question their integrity as they say and the credibility of the show, and what is happening today in the lynx could happen to any show just the same exact way. And we all know the campaigns that we can question and doubt. And people will always enter and want to win. But today this is all could be killed.
    2. from my point of view which I totally believe it is true. FP7 did not win because they did real , ghost, proactive, scam or any kind of work you want to call it. THEY HAVE WON BECAUSE THE DID THE BEST IDEAS AND EXECUTION. THEY ARE ON THE LEAD. That is why. Because ladies and gentlemen it all comes to one simple fact. All of the other agencies have the same chance to do the same work whether real work ‘as some claim they only want to do that’ or even ghost or even scam or even proactive, you name it. They all had the same chance. And they all did it all we know. But their work was not as good. Didn’t they. Or did any body stop them from doing the best they can or the best ideas possible on real clients brief? So when we failed what would be the easiest thing to make us feel better about our self, it is simply “let’s hunt FP7 down”. This is the awful truth otherwise why would not anyone have the same argument against any other agency, or why wouldn’t my own agency attack it self the way they start attacking FP7 the vey next morning of lynx?

  10. bobo says:

    Most of the agencies here respect the rules of game. We respect our clients and do not release work for the client’s that never approved ads. If your point is that Fp7 doha had best work? One can say they did. If they decided to do stupid things and play dirty. We have to take them down!

    Nobody is questioning any other work? Why? Because there is nothing dirty to find? Please don’t give me this crap about creativity and promoting ideas!

    Let’s hope that Samsung washing machine is fast enough to wash all the dirt from Fp7.

    Now Fp7 needs someone to blame inside the organization to clear their name!

    Who will it be?

  11. ismail says:

    Put a full stop and put in your effort to create superlative work…
    move on fellas…there’s a lot of catching up to do..

  12. david says:

    He is right. This is all going towards screwing up everyone else too…
    and the paragon man is not bothered because he’s not gonna enter any award show
    in the next ten years so he goes unscathed in the entire process. Let’s talk abt us,
    will we be able to enter award shows next year with an anubis tracking our every move?
    Let’s stop digging our own graves people!

  13. anubis says:

    The “Paragon man” is bothered that not so many people are bothered about playing by the rules.

    FYI Paragon has been participating in the Dubai Lynx (and other creativity awards) and will continue to do so.

    NOW if an award show clearly states that it is OK to participate with ghost ads, spoof ads and copy cat ads then every one can have an equal opportunity 😉

  14. […] entries from FP7 at the recent Dubai Lynx Awards. So much so that the organisers of the awards have launched an official investigation into a string of winning work. All this is is the fallout of a damning entry in Bloganubis in which […]

  15. jhon Doh says:

    now you guys have burnt down all FP7 Doha work
    and dragged down to where it would make you happy
    and satisfied. why don’t we all start picking up on the rest of the agencies and bring down the temple on
    every bodies head. so we all be even happier and can sleep the long nights because we are the people of principle and we want to protect award shows and the region. we want to feel happy that no one is better than anyone else.

    so as we are all on it lets bring them all down, and let the senior people from the leading agencies who start sending emails and provoked the whole thing be even happier seeing justice take place even in their side of the court. wouldn’t it just be fair.

    so here we go, please tell me that all these clients
    have for real commissioned the agency, approved the ads, paid for production, and ran the campaigns,….etc

    we will raise the questions and dubai lynx would do the
    investigation, and bring them downt:

    1) Y&R Dubai – ZEISS LENS – FLY campaignl
    for sure this is real work and the lens client wanted to promote the lens power in 2009 where lot of people still use lens for many reasons and it is now or never. the market now and with the financial crises
    can afford the lens client to spend money on production for lens campaign. brilliant. this one is real client brief work. isn’t it!
    who can doubt this one and why?

    2) leo burnett dubai – tide campaign
    yes with the real beautiful ads i see from P&G WORK ON TV AND PRESS this is for sure real work, client asked for it, and presented, approved,
    ran for couple of weeks and months like P&G usually run their campaigns. brilliant work P&G and leo

    yes sure we have been in the region forever and ever. we always saw ads and posters for plaster everywhere. it is usual for plaster brands to do press and outdoor campaigns for it self and invest in it to drive more sales. and the proof that both JWT and
    TBWA are doing the same campaign see it is really in demand to do plaster campaigns these days.

    4)TBWA Dubai – Pattex glue
    well done you brought in a product brand
    from the dead in the market – last seen in the 80’s
    and the client suddenly requested the agency to campaign for pattex glue because it is part of the yearly marketing plan. and the agency came up with this clear benefit for the market which the client instantly approved and invested in to increase sales in the market since it is available everywhere.

    5) TBWA Dubai – Eight resturant
    what is wrong with TBWA dubai doing campaign as such for client in beirut. since they are doing it for very cheap resturant by the corner who would for sure have the budget to advertise during financial crises
    as the tourism in beirut is booming in winter and they for sure can afford such campaigns with a very clear message and idea that would click with everyone
    and drive traffic into the resturant. sure thing

    6) Y&R Dubai – landrover gear
    yeah land rover car ads are all over the place in dubai and the region and you know what it is the perfect time to advertise landrover gear in the region
    because cars and land rover market specifically is booming and car sales did not get affected by the financial crises at all. and the biggest target audience in the region are not the gulf nation whom wear thoubs even on off road. no it is the mass, and these people are very interested in land rover clothing and gear.
    so the client yes asked for it, approved it, and run it. how could you suspect this one
    come on. it is Y&R and Land rover, they have this client. this is real work man.

    7) leo burnett dubai – fujifilm
    yes we all know that they have fuji film, and they spend heavily and they always do brand campaigns like these and we see them everywhere don’t we. this was just another campaign which leo dubai are used to do for fuji film and if you cant remember even in the 2008 lynx we saw couple of campaigns
    as good as this one and nothing is fishy around it at all. why would lynx investigate this one why?

    8)Genius LOCI Dubai – Westin Dubai
    this was one of the very very very few copy campaigns
    and for a resturant, so lets award it and you know what poor Genius LOCI they don’t have many entries and they are not a threat to any one so it will pass, and nothing fishy about it, resturants like westin dubai advertise heavily in dubai and long copy ads is their style it is not a favor from the resturant or anything like that, or maybe the owner is a friend of someone in the agency no. it is a real client and we see their campaigns everyday in dubai, no i meant every now and then.

    9) tribe – U2ED IMAX
    i have seen this run in dubai! like all the campaigns that imax run to drive traffic into the movie theatre or for films, this one is for real and it was for
    U2 3D IMAX silly people. it is for real.

    10) impact bbdo beirut – sharp
    no beirut don’t do scam. this one is real not been done in photoshop just for the sake of taking the picture, you can call the supermarket and ask them
    they will tell you yes, and the client approved it. you know sharp are very active in beirut unlike the rest of the region

    11) FP7 Dubai – mcdonalds
    come on guys, you always see such ads for mcdonalds in the street specially the price driven ads. they don’t usually have the price tag big and the sandwich bigger than the space no they dont. it always clean and neat like this one this is typical ad fro mcdonalds and am sure that the client saw it and it ran like the rest of their campaigns

    12) FP7 Dubai – leatherman
    are you joking me, we see this brand everywhere on the streets it is not like the first time ever in the history of this region. and am sure it is as real as the Chiqueta radio campaign. come on guys just focus on the grand prix and spray this one is for real

    13) leo burnett – GMC CADIA
    THIS ONE FOR SURE IS REAL because we always see
    GMC ads run like this in the region, and am sure the client seen it and approved because it is his style, and it was done to appeal to the consumer in GCC that is why it has been shot else where. and YOU KNOW WHAT AMERICANS CARS AND GMC ARE NOT HAVING ANY CRISES AND ALMOST BROKE NOT AT ALL, THEY STILL HAVE MARKETING BUDGET TO DO THESE AWARDS CAMPAIGNS, dont you think.

    14) JWT Dubai – virgin megastore
    poor thing they only have this one made it
    it must be real work and client brief because JWT are very honest agency and do not do scam or even proactive they only work on real briefs from the client and they dont copy ads god forbid because if they do the people will get fired.
    and you know what virgin are very very interested in doing ads for the kids books section. and knowing virgin and the constant campaigns they do every
    day, it is part of the agenda for this year to promote kids music books. you fool.

    15) JWT dubai – hotwheels
    oh my god they work for Mattel , how cool
    i wish i work for JWT Dubai they dont do scam at all.

    and shame this year bra campaign for the lingerie store did not make it like last year naked woman in the breast, bottom front and back area campaign that was real and ran for sure press and outdoor but in the store and there is nothing sensitive about it to have naked women.

    15/B) and buy the way all their work for the DM
    is real work and done for real and you dare proof otherwise they are not cheap mockup done by the agency and the agency took the pictures for
    it in the locations and did the board and the jury bought it, for real.
    you know what it is not really important, DM. because it doesn’t count in agency of the year and anyone can get away with anything there. and it is not the bird that fly in JWT office told me so, no at all, he told me it is all real he he he it is real work. but who cares if it is not. come on it is JWT. honest.

    16) TBWA Dubai – hand dial hand sanitizer
    you know what it is a fast moving product, to boost it even more the client decided to do this campaign to boost the sales. or is it the opposite!
    and the client have seen it and approved like all the other campaigns what do you think, for sure

    again this is another proof that we can do the same, check our client for this one HENKEL PDC EGYPT SAE . we can do it.

    have a nice hunt MENA.

    PS: the proof will be uploaded soon lets see who is after this time lynx or us again! I do keep my promises

  16. anubis says:

    wow that is a long list!!! I think that if no real action is taken towards this “problem” then maybe the ad industry (in this region) does not deserve its own awards festival.

  17. Fernando says:

    The reason for so much anger and frustration:

    Let’s say about 80 agencies enter Lynx, so that’s 80 creative directors and their teams competing against each other.


    79 creative directors do the following:
    They work with their clients, they fight with their clients, they compromise with their clients, They try to raise the standard of advertising in this region. Out of frustration and to keep their teams inspired, they do some proactive work.

    1 creative director does the following:
    He doesn’t work with clients, he’s obsessed with awards. All his work is proactive and he does a mountain of this stuff.

    So, 79 creative directors are trying to improve the standard of creativity in the region and win awards while one is just trying to win awards.

    The reality of any award show is that while the majority of entries are real there will always be some brilliant proactive work. That’s okay because everyone does it and for good reason. But, when one creative director enters over 200 proactive ads and wins agency of the year. It’s not okay and for good reason.

  18. […] Doha’s Samsung work is currently under investigation by the Dubai Lynx, as is its work for clients Higeen Mouthwash and Nissan. FP7 is also undertaking […]

  19. dubailynx rise says:

    Media people (campaign, communicate, mediaweekme, tom roy) why don’t you ask Mr. Steve Lane what he is doing about the others now!!!!

    way to go Jhon Doh or shall i say Jhon Dubai now!!! now you ruined everyone else in advertising. but are you aware that you are ruining everyone and the whole industry EVEN YOUR OWN AGENCY NOW. but at the end that what it is, as i said before it is not FP7 only but because they are on the top, we all wanted to hunt them down. or shall i say drag them down?

    but what does lynx have to say about this now. what about the other agencies or they just wanted to Crucify FP7 Doha to save the water of their face and think people would be satisfied when justice prevail and we hunt down FP7 Doha. they are mistaken if this is the message they want to deliver to the region, what has been applied on FP7 has to be applied to everyone now. same exact measures. then we would sit silent. we are good boys!

  20. […] is genuine cause for concern surrounding some of the winners at this year’s Lynx and an investigation is fully justified, but there are aspects of the fallout that remind me of the worst traits of the […]

  21. LeeMoh says:

    I admit I feel very jealous that an agency in a dead end called Qatar achieves all this while my agency in Dubai ignores Lynx as if it’s irrelevant to its business.

    But I don’t wish FP7 gets punished because I believe they did marvelous jobs. I don’t care if it’s ghost or not and I don’t think we can do something as claver even if it is ghost.

    Wake up people. If we want Lynx to investigate every single entry then we are going to crush in a surprising amount of dirty laundry. And this will not pleasurable to anyone.

  22. […] 1. Campaign ME blogs about the investigation […]

  23. jay says:

    i swear, only in advertising you will see people with such low morals. Are you guys for real? Do you work only for awards, and give back your salary to your company? You work for money, hope for awards, and if your work is good, some day you will get it. And this scandal is not going to ruin anyone other than those involved. Idiots like the ones thinking this will ruin them are exactly the people who did this. Cmon, this is advertising, it is prostituted art. if you really want to be creative, go do real art, not commercial art. Of course, for that you need to know how. And you wont get your salary.

  24. jay says:

    sorry, forgot to add. You dont need stolen ads to inspire you. You can look at international showreels and see originals to inspire you. There is something called honesty.Does it even exist in advertising, and in this region? fp7 did not push anything,other than their own bank balance. if it exists in the region and culture, it will manifest itself. If not, then do not claim creativity that is non existent in the region.

  25. anubis says:

    To be continued…

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