FP7 launches its own internal Lynx investigation

FP7 has launched its own investigation into the legitimacy of some of FP7 Doha’s winning Lynx entries.

Azmi Yafi, CEO of FP7, UAE, is leading what he calls ‘a fact finding mission’. He said:  “Yes, we are prepared to take decisive action regarding any submission by FP7 Doha which genuinely contravenes the rules, regulations and the spirit of Lynx.”

Yafi and the management team are looking at every winning or shortlisted entry and investigating the accuracy of all pertinent entry-related information.

“This is not just about winning or losing at Lynx,” said Yafi. “This is about ethics, and practices, and about Promoseven’s responsibility towards our industry.”

The internal investigation was launched by the group’s top management after several allegations about irregularities. Yafi added: “We are looking into the allegations and if we have discrepancies from our end, we will take immediate and swift action to remedy them.”

The move follows the launch of an official investigation by  Dubai Lynx organisers into work for three of FP7 Doha’s clients (see previous post).

11 Responses to FP7 launches its own internal Lynx investigation

  1. All seems a bit late – damage has been done, especially to Samsung in Lebanon.

    No one’s coming out of this well.

  2. douche says:

    Eliot, you keep mentioning a well… Which well exactly are you talking about? A well like the one in The Ring?

  3. Yes, precisely like that one. That’s exactly right.

    Actually, there’s probably quite a large proportion of people who would pay good money to never see ad folks coming out of said well.

    Hm. Perhaps we’ve hit on an alternative business model here…

  4. douche says:

    well said sir.

  5. Tom Roychoudhury says:

    All’s well that ends well. Speaking of wells.

  6. dubailynx rise says:

    fantastic, loaui the guy who run the blog removed all his work from: http://www.paragonmc.com
    well done loaui to really stand behind the real work you do and you want all people to be doing too.

  7. dubailynx rise says:

    but we admire the fact that you did not remove mu comments about your blog and work, when you moderate and sensor all the comments on your blog before they are posted which makes it very transparent for all, since we all could know at the end if you had every ones point of view on your blog or just the comments you would like people to hear. how ironic!

  8. anubis says:

    dubailynx rise….We have not removed any of our work from anyplace. click on the link to our website (its on your own comment) and check for your self.
    NB. why do you keep on attempting to change the subject and make this about me! this is not about me; this is about the lack of ethics in the industry.

  9. andy says:

    Well… after investigate all the works, what is the creative standard in this region should be? Like http://www.paragonmc.com ?

    Is loaui the guy running his blog to ruin or save the creative standard in this region?

  10. burlesque says:

    The work on the paragon site is infantile…laughable!

  11. anubis says:

    The work of Paragon is an actual representation of the level of creativity in the advertising industry of Kuwait and if you find it funny then welcome to Kuwait.

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