FP7 Doha stripped of agency of the year title

FP7 Doha has been stripped of its agency of the year title and seven awards following an investigation by the Dubai Lynx.

The awards withdrawn are two golds, four silvers and a bronze for ‘clients’ Samsung, Higeen Mouthwash and Nissan.

higeenThe decision to withdraw so many awards was taken after the investigation revealed that numerous examples of work from the agency did not meet the entry criteria of the Dubai Lynx. Ten shortlisted pieces of work in the print and outdoor section have also been disqualified.

Philip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, organisers of the Lynx, said: “Even before the awards night, we had withdrawn a number of pieces of work from the competition but subsequently our investigation has found other pieces that were presented to the jury that infringed our requirement that all work presented must represent the client who approved it. Our rules are very clear with regards to this, and we have no hesitation in withdrawing these awards. ”

He added: “The Dubai Lynx awards exist to celebrate and raise the creative bar of genuine work of the region. Activities like this show a disregard not only for the awards but more importantly for the juries who work so hard judging the event. Due to the scale of withdrawals we feel it inappropriate to honour FP7 Doha as Agency of the Year and so will be withdrawing the prize. I hope that this swift action makes clear our determination to build an award with true integrity for the region.”

The agency of the year title will not go to second placed FP7 Dubai and will not be awarded to any other agency.

 The investigation, which began last week, followed the publication of a damning entry on bloganubis, in which the legitimacy of FP7 Doha’s work for Higeen Mouthwash, Samsung and Nissan was questioned. The awards withdrawn are the ‘ink’, ‘oil’, and ‘mud’ print gold for Samsung; the ‘car’, ‘cook’, and ‘rocket’ TV/cinema gold for Samsung; the print ‘nuns’ and ‘Students’ print silver for Samsung; the ‘flying bird’, ‘man digging’, and ‘running horse’ print silver for Samsung; the ‘cow’, ‘sheep’, and ‘pig’ print silver and outdoor silver for Higeen; and the ‘Jackson 7 TV bronze for Nissan.

Lance de Masi, president of the UAE chapter of the IAA, which holds the Lynx awards in association with Cannes Lions, said: “In taking such swift action the Lynx organisers have demonstrated their understanding that in order to fulfill the purpose of incentivizing and rewarding creative excellence in the region, Lynx must safeguard compliance with the stated conditions of eligibility. To do otherwise would be to undermine credibility.”

The issue had been complicated by a religious row that erupted in Lebanon following the publication of the ‘nuns’ ad in a Lebanese newspaper last week.

Update: Statement from FP7

“The Fortune Promoseven organization is aware of the decision to strip the Agency of the Year title from FP7 Doha at Lynx 2009. We are in support of the spirit in which this announcement from Lynx was made. This is a message to every agency, every creative in the region that there are rules to be obeyed, standards to be followed, and that there are no short cuts to stardom in our industry.

“While we acknowledge the action by Lynx, we are continuing our internal investigations and we are taking strong punitive action against anyone who was in contempt of our reputation and our standards.  We are also definitely sure that this issue was personally motivated and was outside the frame work of  our internal rules, fundamental principles, and agency beliefs.

“At this time, we should not forget that as an agency brand we have had a large number of world class entries from across our regional footprint that were recognized and awarded by an international jury at Lynx. Looking at the results overall, our organization is by far still the most awarded and recognized agency at Lynx and we are quite proud of that.  One cannot take away the credit from that tremendous achievement.”

11 Responses to FP7 Doha stripped of agency of the year title

  1. anubis says:

    so everyone else except for FP7 Doha complied with the rules and regulations of the Lynx?!!!

  2. I Am Bic Pentameter says:

    to market to market they used a small pig
    to wash dirty laundry and their mouths for the gig
    stripped of the honors, the witch hunt is done
    but next year its ok so Lynx will lose none

    it’s all about money and egos’s the game
    on both sides of the fence there seems no shame
    they’ve bent the rules, both links and the chain
    and only a bad taste in our mouths remain

    it’s not bad a decision, it’s a fair call
    but links not linking rules say one and all
    if links can break what’s wrong with seven
    rules you can break, scores you can even

    personal agendas, jealousy you agree
    FY I know may hang from a tree
    the way this has come, it’s all sealed and done
    no one will want to linx up for fun

    I don’t see a links night for some time to come
    although it will still hold a candle to some
    a perfect night it was to get drunk
    ‘though this whole stupid fallout just stunk

    one blogger can bring down the mighty you think
    the guardian called anubis he will never blink
    laundry and mouthwash and camera that won
    all cancelled, for Jesus in Lebanon, we will have nun.

  3. NonAdmAN says:


    The Lynx Award name for 2010 is:

    The Minx Award

    And FP7 Doha new name is now:

    FP6.5 Doha.

  4. Adam says:

    Hope next year it does not happen 🙂

  5. anubis says:

    Lets collectively make sure it does not happen. Improvement starts with “I”

  6. anubis says:

    All together now “YES WE CAN” 🙂

  7. Kevin Gordon says:

    It’s always sad when something like this happens because the rest of the agency gets smitten for the unethical actions of a few.

    If everybody entered spoof ads it would make a mockery of awards which many other people have worked extremely hard for.

    People who do such willful damage have no place in this industry whether they come from advertiser or client.

    I just feel very sorry for all the people at FP7 who I know work very very hard indeed, many of which are very good people.

  8. nickcampaignme says:

    Hi, thanks so much for your comment. I’m sorry but we don’t understand Dutch. Please could you translate into English?

  9. John Doe says:

    Yeah give me a break! As if an agency could produce work for one year and submit it to some awards in Dubai (where their head office is by the way) without the management knowing about it. Or they knew but were not aware that ALL of this was just for the show?
    They should just cancel ALL awards for FP7 Doha and pass the whole group under scrutiny.
    The Aramex campaign is still very questionable as we saw on Anubis, as well as Brainobrain which is a poster sold online for 59$ (http://web.mac.com/moistproduction/Moist_Production/MicroSchematic.html) and AL SHARHAN (une petite visite sur le site web de DDB Uruguay vaut le detour, http://www.ddb.com.uy/_archivos/imagen.php?idp=90).
    So thanks for the statement Mr FP7 but you don’t lure anyone with it.

  10. Ferdi says:

    Its difficult to take you seriously anymore with your repetitive ‘everyone who won is a cheat’ routine. Time for you to show your integrity – come out of hiding – let’s look at your work and see what you’ve been up to.

  11. douche says:

    It would appear that our dear friend John is in Jordan for a very good reason… You have to have at least the tiniest grasp of advertising logic to work in a good shop. Bitter? Oh yes he is.

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