Lynx launches investigation into work by other agencies

April 2, 2009

The likelihood that the Dubai Lynx will strip more agencies of awards has increased following confirmation that other pieces of work are now being investigated.

Steve Lane, festival director of the Lynx, admitted that campaigns by a number of different agencies were being looked into. He would not confirm which those agencies were, but they probably relate to another post by ‘John Doh’, who listed 16 pieces of work that he suspected of being scams.

“We have received complaints relating to other pieces of work,” said Lane. “Just because we have dealt with some already, this does not mean we are not looking into others. We are looking into other pieces from Doha and from other agencies.”

Last night, FP7 Doha was stripped of its agency of the year title, as well as two golds, four silvers and a bronze for ‘clients’ Samsung, Higeen and Nissan.

The fallout from this year’s Lynx is in danger of turning into the biggest advertising scam scandal of all time, with an unprecedented number of entries being disqualified or withdrawn. It has now become global news, with advertising magazines in the UK, the US and Asia following up on the story.

Lane added that he was waiting to see the outcome of FP7’s own internal investigations. “We will welcome any action they take,” he said. “We have done what we can. It’s about taking the root out, not chopping the tree down.”