Lynx launches investigation into work by other agencies

The likelihood that the Dubai Lynx will strip more agencies of awards has increased following confirmation that other pieces of work are now being investigated.

Steve Lane, festival director of the Lynx, admitted that campaigns by a number of different agencies were being looked into. He would not confirm which those agencies were, but they probably relate to another post by ‘John Doh’, who listed 16 pieces of work that he suspected of being scams.

“We have received complaints relating to other pieces of work,” said Lane. “Just because we have dealt with some already, this does not mean we are not looking into others. We are looking into other pieces from Doha and from other agencies.”

Last night, FP7 Doha was stripped of its agency of the year title, as well as two golds, four silvers and a bronze for ‘clients’ Samsung, Higeen and Nissan.

The fallout from this year’s Lynx is in danger of turning into the biggest advertising scam scandal of all time, with an unprecedented number of entries being disqualified or withdrawn. It has now become global news, with advertising magazines in the UK, the US and Asia following up on the story.

Lane added that he was waiting to see the outcome of FP7’s own internal investigations. “We will welcome any action they take,” he said. “We have done what we can. It’s about taking the root out, not chopping the tree down.”


7 Responses to Lynx launches investigation into work by other agencies

  1. anubis says:

    So far well done Dubai Lynx.

    NB. The best way to take out the root is by burning it.

  2. N says:

    Well if they did a proper background check on the work before the awards all of this could’ve been avoided, don’t you think?!

  3. anubis says:

    I have suggested some background check procedures which i hope to see published soon on Campaign ME.

    When they do get published; please tell me what you think of them and meanwhile suggest ways to avoid this for next years’ event.

  4. I Am Bic Pentameter says:

    anubis is getting strong
    suggests burning to fix the wrong
    put the culprit on the stake
    till some amends he make

    meanwhile all at the agency burn
    even though it’s just one guys turn
    this time he can’t get away
    for anubis has his say

    but there’s more, there’s more
    all and sundry cried
    while doha promoseven got fried
    you cant blame the dozen you see
    for a rotten egg who had to be

  5. MO says:

    Good on you Steve and The Lynx. We’re all behind you. About time rip-offs are castrated with a rusty, old blade. There has been accusations that this is all about sour grapes, IT’S NOT. It’s about credibility. Previous award shows (before the Lynx) were highly manipulated by agencies with clout, and it was a huge sigh of relief when Dubai Lynx was launched. So I for one am not going to stand by and let the only credible award show that we have tarnished by irresponsible jerk-offs.
    True, there are other agencies that have ripped off international campaigns and entered them into the Dubai Lynx. I remember the Gummy Bears and the Spray campaigns. They need to be named and shamed too. Let this set a good precedent for next year.

  6. anubis says:

    Thank you Bic

  7. anubis says:

    The following are the suggestions that unfortunately did not get published but here they are anyway:

    1. Strip all illegitimate winners from their gongs.

    2. Participants must attach a tear sheet to each entry in the Print category along with a media monitoring report stamped by either PARC or Ipsos-Stat.

    3. Participants must attach a screening/broadcast certificate along with a media monitoring report stamped by either PARC or Ipsos-Stat for each entry into the Radio and TV/Cinema categories.

    4. Lynx should remove the in-store Posters from in the Outdoor category – as this is a loophole for scam/spoof/ghost/copycat work.

    5. Participants must attach a media monitoring report stamped by either PARC or Ipsos-Stat for each entry into the Outdoor category.

    6. Lynx should appoint at least one industry practitioner from the region to aid in screening the work prior to the short-listing phase.

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