Lynx investigates FP7 Doha’s Aramex ad

aramex3Lynx organisers are investigating yet another of FP7 Doha’s winning ads – just days after stripping the agency of seven awards and its Agency of the Year crown over illegitimate entries submitted for Samsung, Higeen Mouthwash and Nissan.

The focus of the new probe is the agency’s ad for Aramex’s parcel delivery service, which won gold in the print category. It has come under scrutiny following allegations from an unnamed Aramex spokesperson who is quoted in Gulf News as saying the the work was not commissioned.

Steve Lane, festival director of Dubai Lynx, said that discussions with senior figures at Aramex had begun, in an attempt to ascertain whether the ads were commissioned. He said immediate action would be taken if the award was found to have broken rules and regulations governing Lynx entries.

Separate arguments over the resemblance of the work to an ad for FedEx have been aired on the bloganubis website, with questions remaining over which was published first.

Meanwhile, organisers of the Lynx are continuing to look into the legitimacy of ads entered by other agencies and the outcome is likely to be announced within the next few days.


2 Responses to Lynx investigates FP7 Doha’s Aramex ad

  1. anubis says:

    OK then how about one straight out of FP7 Muscat for a change?

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