BBH wades into scam ads storm

April 6, 2009

bbh-media-adAn interesting ad from BBH has appeared in the pages of Campaign’s sibling magazine in Asia, Media, proving that the scandal of scam ads plaguing this year’s Dubai Lynx certainly isn’t unique to the Middle East.

The full-page ad from BBH, an agency well-known for its tough anti-scam stance, poses the question: “What  would happen to our business if all the agencies in Asia stopped doing scam ads this year?”

It goes on to suggest a series of possible answers.:

“Would it handicap creativity, or refocus the best brains on paying brands? Could it dilute creative reputations, or simply make them more credible? Might clients even respect agencies more? Could they respect them less? Worst-case scenario: hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in award fees alone. What sort of agency wouldn’t cut those budgets before cutting staff? Surely questions worth asking – especially this year. Or maybe any.”

Just as the Lynx debate has been raging here, the publication of the ad has sparked an interesting debate, with Steve Elrick, executive creative director of BBH Asia, forced to defend his own reputation on the website of Campaign Brief Asia.

Fascinating reading for those of you who have been following the unpleasant aftermath of the Lynx awards.