Full Stop’s anti-speeding push in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah’s Full Stop Advertising is to launch a three-phased anti-speeding campaign in a bid to help correct Saudi Arabia’s horrendous road safety record.

Filming of a new TVC took place on Al-Malik Road in Jeddah last week and the finished commercial will be broadcast on networks such as MBC, Saudi TV and Rotana.

fullstop2The TVC marks the beginning of a campaign for the Saudi Traffic Authority, which is introducing a new electronic traffic monitoring system called Sahir that will document speeding and other violations.

The second phase, which will roll out later this year, will feature stars such as Saudi footballer Yasser Al-Qahtani. The third will focus on Sahir and is designed to shock Saudi citizens into action.

Malák Maghrabi, TV production officer at Full Stop, said: “The campaign targets drivers off all ages and carries a message of anti-speeding. Saudi Arabia ranks third in measures of death, injuries and financial loss due to traffic violations, the worst being speeding and cutting red lights.”

He added: “The TVCs are emotional and action packed, with stunts and visually captivating crashes. They are based on true accidents that have taken place, showing the tragedy of lives lost.”

The marketing push will also utilise press and radio, with shooting also taking place in Riyadh.

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