Creative awards – the story so far

Hearty congratulations are due to Till Hohmann and his creative team at Memac Ogilvy Dubai, as well as those at Leo Burnett Beirut, who have all been rated highly in newly-released rankings based on the advertising awards that have been held in the first quarter of 2009.

The interim rankings compiled by The Big Won are based on the quality and quantity of awards won at the two awards shows that have taken place in the Middle East (MENA Cristals and Dubai Lynx), plus two in London, three in the US and one each in Romania and Thailand.

The timing of the list (with many major ceremonies still to be held) and the debatable relative value of the awards shows taken into account mean these rankings are far from definitive. Nevertheless, Middle East agencies are distinctly prominent. It is fantastic to see international recognition for Leo Burnett Beirut’s Khede Kasra, which is rated second in the ‘Top Campaign’ category after JWT Shanghai’s Shan Shui. Credit is also due to Memac Ogilvy Dubai’s ‘one-breasted mannequin’ campaign, which was third and undoubtedly helped Till Hohmann to the title of top executive creative director, ahead of Warren Brown of BMF Sydney and Stefan Schulte of DDB Berlin.

However, the naming of Fadi Yaish as top creative director has raised some eyebrows. His ranking surely owes a lot to the awards his agency won at Dubai Lynx but fails to recognise that several of these, including Agency of the Year, were retrospectively revoked and all other Lynx trophies won by the office were handed back as a gesture of apology.

When contacted by Campaign, UK-based Patrick Collister of The Big Won confirmed our suspicion that he was not aware of these latest developments. He is now “amending the database accordingly” and will report back shortly.


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