Abu Dhabi Tourism calls global advertising pitch

AbuDhabi-smallAbu Dhabi Tourism Authority is preparing a global advertising pitch and several agencies have already been chosen to take part in the initial stage.

The news, revealed exclusively in this week’s edition of Campaign magazine, comes as ADTA nears the end of its contract with Australia’s M&C Saatchi, which was hired to promote the tourism credentials of the UAE’s capital city around three years ago. The agency’s Traveller’s Welcome work (pictured) recently earned ADTA the World Travel Award for the Middle East’s best destination marketing campaign.

The authority is currently finalising its Request For Proposal (RFP) document, which will be sent out to selected agencies before the end of the month. One of the requirements of the RFP is that the agency must have a local office.

A statement from ADTA said: “Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority is finalising an RFP for an advertising agency. The successful agency should have an office in Abu Dhabi or the UAE. The RFP will be sent to pre-selected agencies within the next couple of weeks.”

It is not known which agencies are due to receive the RFP, nor how many have been selected. But, considering Abu Dhabi’s rising international profile and long-term ambitions, it will be regarded as one of the Middle East’s most highly prized pitches.


One Response to Abu Dhabi Tourism calls global advertising pitch

  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    Let’s hope they pay them. ADTA has a habit of not paying their suppliers while continuing to demand extra free of charge work.

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