Y&R and Grey Dubai win at Clios

harvey1Y&R Dubai has walked away with two silvers at the Clio Awards in the US thanks to its ‘Cause & Effect’ work for Harvey Nichols.

The silverware was won in the poster and print categories. The agency’s success was followed by Grey Dubai, which picked up a bronze in the print category for its ‘Colors of Life’ work for Yellow Pages. The same campaign won a silver at the One Show last week.

Y&R’s ‘Cause & Effect’ campaign is made up of a number of different executions. Each carries an image of an item from the spring summer range along with a number of images of items such as a stop sign, rockets, jelly and fender benders, which act as a visual metaphor for the effect the item can have.

Shahir Ahmed, executive creative director of Y&R, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to win and it’s great for the team, especially after all that’s happened in the region recently with all the scams. One of the art directors who worked on the campaign is very young, it’s his first job in advertising, and to win in an international award so early on is great for him. He’s my Cristiano Ronaldo right now.”


4 Responses to Y&R and Grey Dubai win at Clios

  1. … Hammertime.

    [does a little dance]

  2. Arm chair critic says:

    So we tarred and featherd FP7 for doing ads for clients without permission.

    Do Grey get away with doing ads for an imaginary Yellow Pages?

    There are two in the UAE. Etisalat Yellow Pages and Du Yellow Pages.

    Grey’s ads have neither logos. So what gives?

  3. Whatever says:

    Who cares, this Harvey Nichols campaign is naff….yeah I know some smart ass from Y&R is gonna post here saying ‘why dont you show us your work then’. Please spare me that predictable response. Compared to the Harvey Nichols stuff from the UK this is like ad school concepts.

  4. Neil says:

    Personally I thought the Harvey Nicks stuff stood out heads and shoulders above most of the other work in the region, the art direction is a refreshing change, congrats guys.

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