Dubai Lynx reveals new rules for 2010

Dubai Lynx has released new tightened entry criteria for its show following the scam scandal that saw all FP7 Doha’s Lynx awards rescinded after this year’s competition.

The new rules state that in 2010 the full physical address of each client will be required on entry forms, and further still: “All completed entries will trigger an automated email to the client, asking them to confirm by return email that they are the brand owner, and that they give consent for the entry/campaign to be entered. If, after repeated attempts to contact the client, this cannot be ascertained, the entry will not be presented to the jury.”

Changes will also demand clarification on the media used for campaigns. “In future, there will be a requirement for the names of the publication/channel or media that was used, the country it was run in, and the number of insertions or airings.” This will have particular relevance for its Outdoor category, which in future splits submissions into Outdoor, Ambient and Poster.

More fundamentally, to prevent agencies from doubling-up entries to accrue points for Agency of the Year, the points system has been re-assessed. “Print entries that are also submitted into Poster (without revision of the creative) will only be eligible for the higher awarded marks in relation to Agency Of The Year. For instance, if a piece wins gold in Press and silver in Poster, the agency will carry only the 7 points for the Gold when Agency Of The Year is calculated, rather than 12 (7 for the Gold and 5 for Silver) as previously.”

Full details of these and other changes can be obtained from Dubai Lynx.


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