Day 0 Cannes. Dog drives car.

Peter Bidenko is ECD of Impact Proximity and Integrated CD of ImpactBBDO Dubai. He is a judge on the Direct Jury in Cannes.

As I drive down Sheikh Zayed Road late on Monday night on my way to the airport, I see a little fluffy dog driving a Mercedes. It’s on a woman’s lap with its paws on the steering wheel and maybe the woman’s helping a bit, but I’m convinced it’s the dog driving. The dog and the woman have matching hairstyles but that’s not important.

Pete Bidenko I look beyond this strange spectacle and see the awe-inspiring Burj Dubai sitting uninhabited and unfinished. Its spire is fully installed making it already the tallest building in the world. And, if rumour can be believed, the spire will be extended if someone else comes along and builds a bigger building.

Both of these things start me thinking about reality vs make believe. I cast my mind back to the Lynx Awards and I have an idea. What if Cannes was all make believe, as I’m sure many people suspect already?

But many people don’t and they place a lot of importance on these awards. They are, after all, the world’s best. So my idea is to search out the reality of Cannes from within the jury room and beyond. Answer a few burning questions for myself at the very least. What’s perception? What’s reality?

Can the dog drive the car or not? Is that just my perception, or should I look for more proof? If a building’s spire can make it the tallest building, why don’t I just build a spire? Then I’ll have the tallest building.


2 Responses to Day 0 Cannes. Dog drives car.

  1. healthwealthandwisdom says:

    Dubai as a place is a mix of make believe and reality. I am hoping reality bites and shows the Lynx up for the shame it was. Shame because of the blatent rip offs of previous great creative winners. Enough of the recriminations. I am also hoping it doesn’t rain in Cannes and the dog made it home in one piece.

  2. sahar says:

    haaaaaa 🙂
    was the dog driving?

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