Cannes day 3 – No no no no no no no no no no, Grand Prix, Grand Prix.

Peter Bidenko, ECD of Impact Proximity and Integrated CD of Impact BBDO Dubai, blogs on day three of judging with the Direct Jury in Cannes.

That’s all the rubbish out of the road then. Today was the last round of judging for the shortlist. As much as you wouldn’t believe it for Cannes there is work here that is unbelievably bad, especially, for some inexplicable reason, today. I judged an odd category and had 40 pieces of really horrible work and then two in a row that could easily make Grand Prix. There’s only one prize.

Tomorrow the real fun starts. Shorlisting the shortlist. All 30 judges get a chance to revote and discuss the work they feel needs discussing to make it fair. After today, we know the complete list of finalists.

I’m looking forward to seeing whether biases happen. I had an interesting moment today when a particularly good Australian campaign was being judged. I was talking about it in glowing terms and then a voice in the back of my head said, “I hope they don’t think I’m saying this just because I’m Australian.” I suspect not because everyone loved it, everyone knew it and recognized it for what it was, sheer brilliance.

Any scam yet? No is the answer. Maybe it’s because I’m not judging print in the main media section, but the work is all legitimate. Not necessarily their results or the hyperbolic write-ups, but certainly the work has been produced and you can tell it’s not made up. Another point for reality.


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