Cannes day 5 – Time to pack up the piano accordion

Peter Bidenko, ECD of Impact Proximity and Integrated CD of Impact BBDO Dubai, blogs about the final day of judging with the Direct Jury in Cannes.

And then it’s over. At least the judging part. We spent 13 hours sitting in a room debating who should get the medals and what colour they should be. It’s a long but inspiring day seeing the best work in the world and then hearing people’s opinions on why it’s deserving.

For every judge there’s a varied view and it’s interesting to see the diversity of opinion. I think there were something like 23 different countries represented on the jury and almost 30 different assessments of the work.

One thing that was very clear was the close to unanimous vote for the Grand Prix. It’s not that the 2nd and 3rd place getters weren’t worthy, both brilliant campaigns as well. But one clearly stood above them. I’d love to tell you which one but they’d shoot me. For that information you will have to wait until after tomorrow night’s ceremony or try guessing. It may be obvious, then again it might not be.

Cannes is filling up. You think it’s busy and then even more people seem to arrive on the streets. Last night was the music festival to mark the summer solstice. The longest day is celebrated with the loudest bands all down La Croisette.

The clichéd French piano accordions and their lonely masters (playing every night last week) were replaced by brilliant bands everywhere you looked. And suddenly the festival rolls into town.

Best wishes to all the finalists for a great night tonight and thank you to all my fellow judges who made it such a rich, warm and honest experience. I will remember it for a long time to come.


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