Digital: not just any old click will do these days.

Hermann Vaske’s seminar on digital creativity was almost derailed before it had really begun at Cannes today. The presenter’s somewhat understated style of speaking had some delegates voting with their feet early on, with a distracting number of them filing out of the auditorium.  


Had they hung in there a little longer, they would have seen the seminar get into its stride on the topic of creating effects through digital creativity. When the speaker handed over to a film featuring some of the world’s most noted digital practitioners, the sheer scope of possibilities in the medium became apparent.

Work covered the McDonald’s Olympic sponsorship interactive game ‘the quest for the ring’, which saw participants log on daily to receive clues to the ring’s whereabouts. The risqué ‘Heidis’ work for Diesel was also a huge online hit. Two models, both named Heidi, ‘kidnapped’ a Diesel sales rep and took commands from viewers observing online as to what they should with him. The set-up was live and interactive for 5 days.

The point that all of those featured were clear to stress was the accountability of the medium. It’s no longer just about gaining clicks, but getting the ‘right’ click from a strong brand advocate who spreads the word.

As the recessionary focused festival’s phrase of the week looks set to be ROI, the traditional mediums, while far from dead, just don’t seem able to compete with digital’s clearly measurable accountability.


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