Should it be called the world wide women’s web?

According to findings revealed in Cannes yesterday by BBDO and Proximity Worldwide, the age-old battle of the sexes has shifted venue to cyberspace.

 Despite the web being designed by men, for men, said the speaker, the internet has become a largely female domain, leading him to suggest it be renamed the worldwide women’s web.  

73% French men

Their comprehensive internet survey revealed that 63 percent of online purchases are made by women and the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over the age of 55. According to their findings, the nurturing of relationships is the single most motivating factor for the web’s female users.

 Men on the other hand are inspired by point scoring and game playing, with 84 percent of online fantasy role-playing games participated in by men. Despite males being the majority in specific sectors like gaming, the broader web has stronger feminine appeal, with sites like enjoying over 8 million female users worldwide.


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