TV ads still the most memorable says poll

Television provides the most memorable advertising, according to research commissioned by the organisers of the Edinburgh International Television Festival, reports the UK website Brand Republic.

The research, which was conducted by pollsters YouGov and management consultancy Deloitte, found that 64% of people who watched television found TV commercials were one of the three media which had the most impact.

The findings will fuel arguments by the commercial TV sector that television advertising remains a powerful marketing medium in the face of the growing popularity of the internet.

The YouGov/Deloitte research also found that, after TV, newspaper advertising was the second hardest-hitting medium. 30% of those polled credited it as the most impactful medium.

Magazine advertising scored third place in the survey, followed by radio and outdoor.

The research also found that 44% of the sample used the internet to research a brand or company after seeing an ad on TV. Yet only 8% of respondents rated internet advertising as high-impact, and just 12% deemed search ads as the most memorable form of advertising.

But, according to the findings, nearly 25% of the 2,000 respondents said that they were impervious to the effects of any advertising.


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