Crowd-sourcing is the future for Peperami ads says Unilever

Unilever has turned to consumer-generated content as the future of it ad campaigns for the Peperami brand after splitting with Lowe, its UK agency of 15 years.

Peperami-Animal-001 The FMCG giant has enlisted the resources of the website – an online community for creatives – devising a competition which asks the public to submit ideas for future commercials for the meat snack brand.

The competition is open to applicants worldwide and interested parties will be able to register on the site to receive a brief from 28 August.

The winning idea, which will be announced in November, will receive what Unilever is calling a “bounty” of $10,000 as well as being turned into a global ad campaign, set to break initially in the UK.

Unilever plans to pitch out all further briefs for the Peperami brand in this way, rather than appointing a retained agency. Though its new commercials will be still be based on its existing anarchic icon, the ‘animal’ character created for it by Lowe.

Matt Burgess, the managing director of Chrysalis UK, the division of Unilever that manages Peperami said, “This is not a stunt. As an ongoing way of making our content we are crowd-sourcing. We do not plan to appoint a retained agency for Peperami, but at this stage we have no plans to roll out this strategy across our other brands. We have to see how this works first.”


One Response to Crowd-sourcing is the future for Peperami ads says Unilever

  1. Anubis says:

    Crowd sourcing by a mega client!!! Great, that is just what the ad industry needs in these volatile times.

    “The only thing worse than a potential client who does not value the efforts of a professional graphic designer is a designer who doesn’t appreciate the value of their own time and work” – Jeff Fisher.

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