Consolidation of Dubai’s media begins

The consolidation of Dubai’s media assets appears to have begun, with ownership of Al Bayan newspaper switching from the Arab Media Group to Dubai Media Inc (DMI).

Najla Al Awadhi (pictured), deputy CEO of DMI, said in an interview with Campaign in June: “I would think in the next couple of months you will see some interesting changes in the media landscape of Dubai. There definitely is going to be a drive to consolidate media assets, with synergies between the Dubai media assets, us being one of them, amongst many other assets which are media related.”
najla 059
The switch of ownership of Al Bayan, including assets, properties, commitments and rights, is the result of a directive from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai.

According to the announcement, all employees of Al Bayan will be transferred from the Arab Media Group to DMI in order to offer the best service for readers. Further consolidation is on the cards.


5 Responses to Consolidation of Dubai’s media begins

  1. Karim says:

    Unless further steps are taken, this is not consolidation but quite the opposite. Taking a newspaper out of its existing organization and placing it in a television company will increase duplication of resources (distribution, printing, newsrooms, etc.) across the two companies. Right now, what we have is an AMG with fewer newspapers to print and distribute and a DMI that has entered the publishing business with one newspaper. Not very optimal for either of them.

  2. Gold digger says:

    I’m sure further steps will be taken. There’s no point simply moving one paper from AMG to DMI. Perhaps, thanks to the competition from Abu Dhabi, they’re realising that having two separate government media entities is pointless. Could the merger of AMG and DMI finally be on the cards after all these years?

  3. Political says:

    Totally political. AMG have bled cash over the years, propped up by the radio stations. Al Bayan was the only other profitable entity.

  4. Who cares says:

    I mean, really, who cares? What has either AMG or DMI done for the region’s media industry? Both need to get their acts together.

  5. Mogul_in_waiting says:

    Why does every announcement by a Dubai entity only serve to confuse rather than clarify? This one seems particularly muddled. It doesn’t make sense, given the restructuring we saw at Dubai Inc’s property divisions earlier this month, for media (which was totally ignored then!) to be tackled piecemeal. I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see a full merger somewhere down the road, though.

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