FP7 retains McDonald’s ad account in the Middle East

FP7 has retained the creative advertising business for McDonald’s following a review of the fast food giant’s account in the Middle East.

FP7’s Dubai office had pitched against Leo Burnett and one other agency during the review, which culminated in a two-way shoot-out between FP7 and Leo Burnett.mcdonalds

FP7 has held the McDonald’s account for 16 years, ever since the brand launched in the region, and the retention of the business is being hailed as a “reconfirmation of the continuing faith” that McDonald’s has had in the agency’s capabilities.

Fadi Salameh, president and CEO of the Middle East Communication Networks, the parent group under which FP7 falls, said: “ We are very happy and grateful to the Partners at McDonald’s Middle East for this reconfirmation of their trust in us. This is a re-affirmation of our commitment to this fantastic global brand in our region and we will continue to build on our long relationship, and work hard towards being their partners in their business and marketing efforts in the region.”


10 Responses to FP7 retains McDonald’s ad account in the Middle East

  1. InTheKnow says:

    Shame on the sham….!

  2. McDiddles says:

    Hmmmm… me thinks it feels like a beauty pagent, not a true pitch.

  3. McShame says:

    It’s a real shame when politics beats out hard & honest work.

  4. McWTF says:

    Results the next day? It smells something stinky.
    Oh It’s McD

  5. Anubis says:

    congratulations to FP7 and good wishes for all the others.

  6. indiancurry says:

    Typical BS arising out of political wrangling & rear kissing from agencies to retain clients

  7. Jibran Khan says:

    ….and that’s Middle East my friends. Like it or not, the amount of backdoor politics happens in ME for pitches, is incomparable. I’ve worked in many global markets and in ME too and easily say that the weightage a good work carries is 5-10% max in a media or creative pitch, 60%-70% depends on the group’s affiliation/association with certain parties/entities….

  8. ADMAN says:

    Leo…Tee tee tee tee..mitil ma rihti mitil ma jeetiii

  9. McFair says:

    Where is the fair play attitude from both Agencies?!
    Congrats for the FP7 team and hard luck for the LEO team this time…
    Why is it that winning always has to be related to a stinky deal?! and loosing ONE pitch is taken that sour..
    I’m sure that the LEO team management has done enough homework before engaging their teams in such pitch..
    In this case the better agency won.. simple-pure-competition.. “Results the next day?”… thats what happens when a client LOVES what they get… Perhaps LEO needs to reevaluate their creative…

  10. J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock says:

    Would that be the notorious Scottish whinger, Snot McFair?
    Oh no, it seems to be some FP7 stooge.

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