Do lingerie, nudity and the burqa mix?

Lingerie, nudity and a burqa. Now there’s a combination you don’t hear of too often.

But that’s exactly what German online lingerie store Liaison Dangereuse has opted for in its latest TVC, which is the work of Berlin-based agency Glow.

liaisonsThe commercial shows a woman getting out of the shower, applying her make-up, walking to her dresser and putting on her underwear. So far so Western, but then the final scene shows her placing a burqa over her head and moving to the window, with the tagline reading: “Sexiness for everyone. Everywhere.”

Created for a European audience, the ad has triggered debate online, with Muslimah Media Watch stating that “it seems pretty hard to argue that this ad is something positive or empowering, if it would probably be rather offensive and disrespectful to most of those who would presumably be the ones it attempts to empower”.

Although opinion is split on Adsoftheworld, Muslimah Media Watch also states that the ad is simply playing on men’s “fascination about Muslim women’s bodies, and the curiosity about what’s ‘behind the veil’”.

Take a look for yourselves. Caution: contains nudity.


One Response to Do lingerie, nudity and the burqa mix?

  1. Trinny says:

    According to our colleague Z, there’s a whole genre of porn specialising in women wearing a veil and little to nothing else.

    Disturbingly enough, you only have to go to the first page of Google image results for “burqa” to verify this!

    I guess the only thing new about this ad is that it’s taking this approach into the mainstream and, on one level, has good intentions.

    But come on, presenting semi-naked female bodies in the guise of “empowerment” is rather disingenuous, in my opinion… That might be the idea behind the concept, but will the ad itself be viewed in those terms?

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