General Motors calls agency review

General Motors Middle East has called a review of its communications partners in a bid to ensure its agencies are delivering ‘outstanding service’.

In a statement, GM said it was seeking a “reassessment of its roster of marketing services partners to meet its current and future business and marketing requirements”.

Memac Ogivly and Leo Burnett are GM’s incumbent agencies, both of whom have been invited to participate in the review process.

A company spokesman said: “In our quest to sell vehicles that customers aspire to buy and to build brands they are proud to own and deliver an unmatched ownership experience, we are looking for the best agency partner(s) to deliver outstanding services that meet our objectives.”


4 Responses to General Motors calls agency review

  1. Vemuri says:

    Interesting news – when banks stop lending for auto purchases – advertising can do little to stir up sales – there may be a demand but means should be supportive too – hope this is factored in – when they review a new agency

  2. Family guy says:

    These guys can’t even pay their bills in USA. THe second biggest creditor in the GM bankruptcy proceedings was BBDO. Good luck to the agency that picks up this account.

  3. MO says:

    “Agency review” sure sign of a jobless client with no more ad budgets.

  4. MO says:

    4 agencies are in the race for the GM account – Saatchi & Saatchi, AGA ADK, Lowe and incumbents Leo Burnett…
    Good luck guys, and may the best agency win!!!!

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