Dubai Lynx: entries down but delegate numbers up

Entries for this year’s Dubai Lynx have dropped by 34 per cent compared with last year.

A total of 1,364 entries from 16 countries have been submitted to this year’s event, which begins today with a screening of Art & Copy.

Down on last year’s record number of 2,079, the hit to entries is mainly due to the FP7 network’s decision not to enter this year’s awards following last year’s furore surrounding FP7 Doha. The network accounted for nearly a quarter of all entries last year, which means most other agencies have sustained the number of campaigns they enter into the Lynx. Memac Ogilvy has set a new network record, with close to 70 entries.

Entries have been submitted in 10 categories: TV/cinema (159 entries), print (300), outdoor (233), direct & sales promotion (94), media (230), radio (50), interactive (83), integrated (39), and the new TV/cinema craft (35) and print craft (141). The total of 1,364 is the lowest since the awards began in 2007 – a year that saw 1,682 entries.

However, the number of delegates for this year’s festival is more than 1,000, which is the best number since launch.

“Honouring the best work and providing inspiration and motivation is paramount to agencies and their clients, especially during such an economic downturn. Despite an inevitable drop in the overall number of entries, we are delighted to still see growth in the media category, a good start to the new Craft categories as well as a record number of attendees at the festival,” said Philip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, organisers of the event. “Dubai Lynx continues to be the largest awards in the region, the most sought after trophy to win and the premier industry event to attend.”

The top country participating is the UAE with 847 entries, followed by Lebanon with 142, Egypt on 124 entries, Saudi Arabia with 66 and Kuwait with 57.


2 Responses to Dubai Lynx: entries down but delegate numbers up

  1. facts says:

    1:: 2009 Vs. 2010 Total number of entries:

    2009 : 2079 Entries

    2010 : 1364* Entries 34.39% Drop
    *( Including the 2 new categories of craft)

    2010 : 1188* Entries 42.9% Drop
    *(Excluding the 2 new categories of craft : 176 entries)

    2:: 2009 Vs. 2010 Total number of entries in each category:

    TV 32.91% Drop
    Print D59.46% Drop
    Outdoor 52.25% Drop
    Radio 52.83% Drop
    Interactive 27.19% Drop

    Integrated 20.51% Increase
    Media 9.57% Increase

  2. Anubis says:

    well if these figures are true then this just shows the amount of scams that were trying to pass as legitimate entries and how the tightened rules and regulations actually weeded them out so that we can see the true level of creativity in the region. The Lynx has redeemed themselves and next year will be a record year in the number of entries.

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