Where are the results, asks media juror

Agencies’ inability to provide proper results for media campaigns has led to some work being marked down during the judging process at this year’s Dubai Lynx.

Kate Cox, head of creative communications at MPG and a juror on the media jury, said the region needs to work on proving the effectiveness of campaigns.

Speaking following the completion of judging in the media category, she said: “Some amazing ideas were judged down simply because they just did not have the effectiveness results. It’s sort of a tricky balance to make between the clients not investing in research to prove it, and getting results from other areas.”

However, she added that some categories had entries that should be internationally awarded. “There were some campaigns that Cannes would be proud of – innovative campaigns that were smart and inventive and had comparable creative ideas that I would be proud of in Europe if I could’ve executed them.”

This year saw a 10 per cent increase in the number of entries in the media category, with 230 in total – 70 of which were shortlisted yesterday.


One Response to Where are the results, asks media juror

  1. Ghost Buster says:

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