Coke to appoint ‘happiness ambassadors’ for social media mash-up

October 22, 2009

Coca-Cola has launched a new ‘social media mash-up’ campaign, that will see the brand appoint three ‘happiness ambassadors’ to travel the world and spread their happiness and enthusiasm wherever they go.

cokeAccording to Coke, the chosen group will meet ‘everyday people’ on their 150,000 mile journey and will share their experiences on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as they go. Their mission is to ‘share their happiness and enthusiasm with the rest of the world’.

Nine people have been shortlisted to fill the positions and Coke is asking the public to vote on who they think is most suited to the job. The project, dubbed Expedition206, is part of the wider Open Happiness campaign.

During the year-long initiative, the chosen group will visit 206 countries, representing Coke’s various markets. According to the current proposed route, they’ll hit the region around July/August 2010, at the height of summer temperatures.

Coke hopes that people across the world will act as local travel guides, suggesting places for the group to go and helping them find the secret of happiness.

The group leaves Madrid on 1 January 2010 and culminates in the US on 31 December 2010 after visiting all corners of the globe.


Coca-Cola drops Jiwin in favour of Memac Ogilvy PR

August 23, 2009

Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola has handed its regional public relations business to Memac Ogilvy PR, removing it from incumbent Jiwin.

coke The handover of the account took place last week, with Memac Ogilvy PR – part of the Memac Ogilvy Group – taking up the reins as Coca-Cola’s contractual obligation to Jiwin expired. Jiwin had handled the account since September 2007 following a successful pitch bid. The same pitch saw Memac Ogilvy come a close second.

The move signifies the company’s desire to consolidate its business by working with an existing partner – Memac Ogilvy handles aspects of Coca-Cola’s creative and media accounts – said Antoine Tayyar, public affairs and communications manager, Coca-Cola Middle East.

“What we need in the next period is to have more presence in markets and Ogilvy PR has this,” said Tayyar. “It was a streamlining of the business. We selected one of the agencies that work with us also on creative and media and we consolidated in this area, PR, into an agency that works with us. There wasn’t a need a need to do a major pitch, because at the end of the day we don’t have hundreds of creative [agencies] we work with. And previously, a couple of years back when there was pitch done, Ogilvy was one of the top two.”

Memac has taken on responsibilities with immediate effect, handling the introduction of a new visual identity for Coca-Cola brand Sprite and the Coke Light integrated campaign ‘Very Important Apartment’.

Ronald Howes, regional managing director of Memac Ogilvy GCC, said: We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Coca-Cola in the weeks and months to come.”